Pind Sweda

Los Angeles

Pind Sweda is a type of Ayurvedic massage which is done with warm medicated herbal oils and herb bags. These bags/ boluses are prepared by a combination of herbs depending on the client’s body type as well as a health condition. Herbs are tied in a linen cloth to make small bags that are then dipped in warm oils and placed on the body.

It is highly recommended for arthritis, muscle and joints pain, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulders, neck pain and stiffness, Back pain, autoimmune diseases.


  • Choorna Pind Sweda is the best treatment to provide relief from pain, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness (catch) associated with bone, joint and or musculoskeletal pains. It is highly beneficial in healing musculoskeletal and neuromuscular diseases.

This treatment is usually recommended for the aching joints and muscles commonly associated with arthritic conditions, back pain, and muscle stiffness. It can also be used to delay the aging process and help manage and treat:

  • Insomnia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscle weakness and paralysis


  • In this treatment, leaves of the medicinal plants are collected, sliced and tied in a bolus. The leaves should be fresh and taken from the plants that have been grown in clean and fertile land.
  • Then, the bolus is placed in a pan and heated. Alternatively, it may be dipped in herbal oils that are being heated at a constant temperature. Once the bolus is sufficiently heated, it is removed and rubbed gently over the joints and other pain-afflicted parts.
  • Before applying the bolus, it should be wiped against the rim of the pan to remove the excess oil sticking to it so that the excessive oil dripping from the bolus does not create inconvenience to the patient.
  • The bolus should be changed with another heated one once it cools down to maintain the temperature at the site being treated. Once the treatment is over, the treated parts are wiped with a tissue paper or a sterile cloth dipped in warm saltwater.


  • Reduction in stress and insomnia
  • Soothe and restore dry skin
  • Stress relief
  • Management of inflammation, swelling, and pain