About Dr. Patil

Dr. Prafull H. Patil devoted his life to Ayurveda since 2002. He passed from Pune University. Attended Lecturers & Seminars in Ayurveda.

Dr. Vaishali P. Patil devoted her life for Ayurveda since 2004. She passed from Nashik University. Attended Lecturers & Seminars in Ayurveda and she is an expert in ayurvedic beauty therapies.

Both doctors are working for Ayurveda. "We cure you by natural way !" As per the slogan treating more than 10000 patients.

The doctor has an ayurvedic consultant & separate Panchakarma unit also having medicine making (Pharmacy) unit on a small scale. Around 70% of medicines are prepared under our supervision, so quality-wise medicines are very good. Cure N.K. & Jeewanprakash is very good.